Friday, March 14, 2014

Making the EB-5 Wire Transfer from Russian to the U.S.: What Every Russian EB-5 Investor Needs to Know Бизнес виза в США EB-5 юристы eb5 в москве

One of the main questions on the minds of all Russian EB-5 Investors is how am I going to get my money out of the country?  With the tight grip on currency control and out of the country wire transfers, it is sometimes difficult for the average investor to believe that a signed subscription agreement, in English, is all that is needed to effectuate the transaction. 

Russian banks and central currency control have become familiar with the EB-5 visa and are allowing swift and painless transfers to take place from Russia to the U.S.  Of course, having an invoice issued by the Regional Center with all pertinent wire transfer instructions is also helpful. 

Prior to making the transfer, the Russian EB-5 investor should always notify the Regional Center of the in-coming wire so as to avoid any issues on the U.S. bank recipient side.  At times, the sending bank in Russia may ask the investor to prove that the funds which are being wired for the purposes of making the EB-5 investment are lawful and all appropriate Russian taxes have been paid. My advice is to come to your bank branch with the signed retainer agreement, and invoice from the EB-5 Regional Center, and evidence that the appropriate taxes have been pain on the funds which are being transferred.  Having all three (3) will save you time and money. 

As Russian investors know, the Ruble has become so volatile at times that making the conversion from Rubles to U.S. dollars on day A may be $15,000-$20,000kUSD more expensive, then on day B.  In other words, if the investor’s lawful EB-5 funds are currently in Rubles, converting the funds to US Dollars for the purposes of making the EB-5 investment, should take place when the exchange rate is more favorable. 

In the last month I have first-hand witnessed an investor from Russia who had to postpone his investment due to the rapid volatility of the Ruble.  It is unfortunate that people who have worked so hard for their money are now being prevented from making an EB-5 investment due to economic factors which they cannot control.   

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